Firepower – 120 HP
“The Shotgun”

A marshal-for-hire.
Faction: Mercenaries

Violetta is extremely mobile, with not only a dash but also a full-move Haste ability that powers up her next shot. Accordingly, she can flank around the fight looking for an angle to unleash devastating shotgun blasts. As her range can be somewhat limited, a good Violetta player must position well to put out high damage without taking too much in return.

Passive: Ready to Roll

If Violetta does not use a Blast Phase ability, she gains 10 shields next turn.

Primary: Shrapnel Blast

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
12 energy for first enemy hit; 4 for subsequent
6-range line that bursts into 3-range 60-degree cone on hitting wall or enemy
Shoots a shell that explodes on contact with wall or enemy. The base shot deals 32 damage, and the shrapnel cone deals 20 damage.

2: Shotgun Shell

Blast Phase – 2 Charges – Cooldown 2 per charge
8 energy per enemy hit
6-range 60-degree cone; 3-range inner cone if 2 charges
Blasts enemies in a cone, dealing 30 damage (costs 1 charge). Starts with 1 charge. If the ability has 2 charges, it will use both, and will deal 10 additional damage to enemies within 3 range and Weaken them next turn.

3: Jet, Set, Go!

Prep Phase – Cooldown 1
5 energy on use
Self-targeted, allows full movement
Violetta charges up her shotgun, gaining Might next turn. She gains Haste this turn and may full move.

4: Fancy Footwork

Dash Phase – Cooldown 5
5 energy on use; +5 for hitting an enemy
6-range Slide that sends 9-range line attack in the opposite direction
Violetta dashes in one direction and fires back in the other. If she hits an enemy with this shot (does not pierce), it deals 20 damage and Slows them.

Ultimate: Crossing the Line

Prep Phase
Costs 100 energy
11-length line trap that can bounce up to 3 times
Violetta fires a barbed wire laser beam that may bounce off walls up to 3 times. The beam’s path creates a trap that lasts 2 turns. Any enemies that pass through it take 45 indirect damage and are Slowed until end of turn.

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