Support – 135 HP
“The Ice Queen”

Strong CC, healing and utility support whose main downside is that she herself cannot be healed.

Passive: Coldhearted

Ozyvania cannot be healed. If she would be healed, she instead gains shields equal to that amount at end of turn (for next turn). She also gains an additional 8 shields per turn passively.

Primary: Cascade

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
8 energy per enemy hit
5 range; 60 degree cone

Fire a 5 range, 60-degree cone of ice at the target area, dealing 24 damage to each enemy hit. May also hit allies with the Ice Angel status to heal them for 20. Any target hit will spawn an additional cone (4 range, 60 degrees) traveling directly away from Ozyvania and dealing 16 damage to enemies hit. These additional cones may also heal Ice Angel allies they hit for 20 (though the same ally may not be healed twice).

2: Ring of Frost

Prep PhaseCooldown 4
6 energy per enemy hit; 6 energy per ally hit
6+1 range; 5×5 perimeter

Creates a 1-width 5×5 ring of frost around target tile (with an empty 3×3 in its center). Allies passing through the ring are healed for 20 (including if they started on one of the ring tiles). Enemies on or passing through a ring tile are Rooted. The ring remains until the end of the turn.

3: Ice Angel

Prep Phase – Cooldown 3
8 energy for casting
Target self or ally; 8+1 range

Grant target friendly (self or ally) 20 shields this turn and reduce their cooldowns by 1 at the end of the turn. If other than self, also give the target the Ice Angel buff next turn (they may be healed by Cascade).

4: Crystallize

Prep Phase – Free Action – Cooldown 5 
6 energy per enemy hit; 6 energy per ally hit
Variable arc targeter – 2-7 range; 95-65 degree variable arc

Shields allies in target arc for 15 and grant them Fortified this turn (shields do not expire at end of turn). Also Weaken enemies in the arc. If you hit at least one enemy, you also gain Fortified.

Ultimate: Snowflake Fractal

Blast Phase 
Costs 100 energy 
Snowflake shape: 5 range line; 2 range line; 1 range line. 

Fire 6 blasts of ice in a hexagon around you, each going through walls and splitting twice to form a fractal. The main blast deals 28 damage to enemies hit and heals allies for 28. (Cover is half-effective, so 21 through cover.) The smaller fractals do 21 damage/healing and ignore cover. Allies hit are granted the Ice Angel buff, reducing their cooldowns by 1 and allowing Cascade to hit the ally to heal them next turn.

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