Firepower – 125 HP
“The Succubus”

“Did that hurt? Good.”

Shifty, disruptive, and psychologically adept, Sephelene’s playstyle revolves around making the most of what the characters around her are doing. She is able to Weaken multiple enemies and swap targets quickly with her dash. Her trap greatly rewards precise predictions, and her ultimate, of course, turns your opponents’ strengths against them.

Passive: Seduction

When Sephelene damages an enemy, she deals an additional 4 damage (ignoring cover), heals herself for 4 and Weakens the enemy next turn. That enemy then becomes Recently Seduced – this effect cannot trigger on them again during the next 2 turns.

Primary: Malovolence

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
12 energy for first enemy hit, 4 for other enemies hit
6-range line (does not pierce); 2-range pentagram around self

Sephelene strikes around her in a Pentagram pattern, dealing 16 damage to nearby enemies. This attack goes through walls and ignores cover. She finishes the attack by striking with her whip in a line in the targeted direction, dealing 32 damage to the first enemy hit. (This part does not pierce, and respects walls and cover.)

2: Dreamwalker

Dash PhaseCooldown 4
10 energy on hit
7 range Jump/Teleport, targets enemy

Fly to a target enemy and slash it, dealing 26 damage. Must have vision to target the enemy, but dash goes through walls and avoids traps/powerups. You may move after dashing.

3: Nightmare

Blast Phase – Free Action – Cooldown 5
6 energy for each enemy hit
6 range; 45 degree cone

At the end of Blast Phase (after status effects are applied), quickly lash enemies in a cone, dealing 6 damage to each and extending the duration of any generic negative status effects on them. (These mainly include Slow, Weaken and Reveal.)

4: Inside Your Mind

Prep Phase – Cooldown 4
4 energy for casting; 4 enemy for each enemy hit, per hit
7 range, may be targeted through walls

Select 4 different squares (any four pathable tiles within range, they do not need to touch). Each square gets a precise trap dealing 12 indirect damage to any enemy stepping on that square this turn and Revealing them until end of next Decision Phase. Each enemy may trigger each square separately. (Notes: Stacking the traps on a single square adds no benefit. An enemy already on one of the trapped squares when cast cannot trigger that square.)

Ultimate: Soulsteal

Prep Phase – Free Action
Costs 100 energy
8.2 range

Steal target enemy’s ultimate for 2 turns. That enemy is unable to cast the ultimate next turn (only). (They can cast it on the same turn it is stolen, or any turn after next turn.) You have 2 turns in which to cast the stolen ultimate (after which it is lost and you must recast this to steal anew), and are refunded 100 energy with which to cast it. If the ultimate costs less than 100 energy or you do not cast it, you keep the remaining energy.

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