Support – 140 HP
“The Firelord”


One of the most volatile and risky characters, Agnar must carefully manage his energy. While it makes his abilities (significantly) more powerful, if he goes over 100 energy he will take damage equal to the excess.

Passive: Volatile Power

Agnar’s abilities generally do not gain energy, but he gains energy equal to 75% of the damage he takes. Every 20 energy Agnar has gives him 1 Potency, up to a maximum of 5. If Agnar goes over 100 energy, he will Overheat at end of turn, causing him to take damage equal to the excess energy.

Primary: Lightning Inferno

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
No energy gain
7-range twin lightning, hits 7+2. Gain extra segment at max Potency.

Deals 20 damage to enemies, plus 1 per Potency. At Maximum Potency, gains a bonus +5, dealing 30 damage.

2: Fiery Transference

Prep Phase – Cooldown 4
No energy gain
Radius-2 circle at 6.5 max range

Protect allies within the target circle, redirecting to Agnar 66% of the damage they would take. Agnar gains 10 shields base, plus 5 per Potency if an ally is in the initial targeter. The circle lasts through movement phase. Allies are protected only while in the circle (they may move into it to gain protection, and lose protection on leaving it). Agnar is immune to Overheat this turn.

3: Blow Off Steam

Prep Phase – Cooldown 3
Costs 30 energy
Target 3×3 within 7 range

Shield friendlies in the target area for 30. Also creates a fiery trap dealing 30 indirect damage to any enemies that enter it (though will not damage enemies already in the trap when it is cast).

4: Fired Up

Prep Phase – Cooldown 2
Gain 20 energy if cast on self
Target self or ally, standard 8+1 support range

Heal target friendly for 10 per Potency, and grant it Unstoppable this turn. If it takes direct damage this turn, it will become Enraged next turn (dealing +10 damage on its attacks). If Agnar targets himself with this, he also gains 20 energy. If he does not target himself with this, he will also heal himself for 5 per Potency.

Ultimate: Molten Fury

Blast Phase
Costs 60/80/100 energy
Cone of radius 3/5/7

Agnar becomes Unstoppable and unleashes a cone that deals 20 damage to enemies and heals allies (and Agnar) for 20. Agnar may choose (with mouse input) whether to spend 60, 80 or 100 energy, which determines the cone size. The damage and healing is reduced by 2 in each additional region (so 18 in the first outer area, and 16 in the outermost area). Roots adjacent enemies.

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