Frontline – 180 HP
“The Barbarian”

Passive: Iron Will

Barb is permanently Unstoppable.

Primary: Battleaxe

Blast PhaseNo Cooldown
Gain 10 energy for each enemy hit
Cone (3 radius, 120 degrees) with bonus to adjacent enemies
Barb smashes with his axe in a wide cone (3+1 range). Nearby targets take 30 damage, and farther targets take 26 damage.

2: Rage Quake

Blast Phase – CD 7
Gain 8 energy per enemy hit
Target circle of radius 1.2 at max range 4.5
Deal 22 damage to enemies in the target circle and Slow them. Respects cover from Barb’s location. If Barb is below 50% health during decision phase, the radius and damage are increased by 50% (1.8 radius, 33 damage). Whenever Barb takes direct damage, reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1 (maximum once per enemy per turn).

3: Challenging Shout

Prep Phase – Free Action – CD 3
6 energy per enemy hit
3 radius area around self
Barb shouts, taunting his nearby foes. He gains 12 hit points per nearby enemy, and Challenges the enemies: enemies hit who do not damage Barb this turn are Weakened next turn.

4: Barbed Skewer

Blast Phase – CD 5
Gain 10 energy for first enemy hit
6-range line, pierces
Skewer enemies in a line, dealing 24 damage and Pulling (Knocking) them to Barb. Deals 6 bonus damage to enemies within 3 range.

Ultimate: Whirlwind

Blast Phase
Costs 100 Energy
Barb executes his movement this turn at the end of Knockback phase, before normal movement. For each square that Barb moves, he will spin dealing 20 damage to adjacent enemies (both with respect to the tile exited and the tile entered). Subsequent hits on an enemy each deal 5 indirect damage. Next turn, the Whirlwind effect will repeat, but Barb is Scrambled (can only use primary or catalysts).

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