Frontline – 160 HP
“The Centaurpagus”

What’s a Centaurpagus?

Dargrym brings a mastery of close combat and some crowd control. He relies heavily on good positioning, but can reap the rewards.

Passive: Dread Guard

Whenever an ally deals direct damage to an enemy within 3+2 of Dargrym, Dargrym heals for 4. (If your ultimate is active, heal for 6 instead.)

Primary: Scythe Strike

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
Gain 10 energy for first enemy hit, 6 for subsequent
80-degree cone and arc; cone 0-2 range, arc 2-4 range.

Strike with your scythe. Enemies in the arc (between 2 and 4 range) take 28 damage. Enemies within 2+1 of you are hit by the handle, which deals only 18 damage.

2: Combo Assault

Dash Phase – Cooldown 4
Gain 8 energy per enemy hit
3-range Slide then 3-range Jump, hit adjacent enemies on landing

Dargrym tramples enemies in a 3-range path, dealing 20 damage to enemies along the path. He then takes to the skies for a 3-range jump, no longer dealing damage along his path, but on landing will strike adjacent squares for 24 damage.

3: Absorb Essence

Prep Phase – Cooldown 4
Gain 10 energy if you hit an enemy
6-range line, does not pierce

Slow the enemy hit and gain Haste this turn. Next turn, gain a buff that increases your attack damage by X, where X is the distance traveled this turn away from your starting point.

4: Dire Sweep

Blast Phase – Cooldown 4
Gain 8 energy per enemy hit
Target 4-range line, then sweep left or right up to 75 degrees for the attack

Sweep enemies in the target arc, dealing 22 damage and knocking them up to 3 squares. The knockback depends on the angle and distance of the sweep. (For example, suppose you start the sweep at what we’ll call 12:00 and go clockwise. An enemy at 12:30 might be knocked 1 square East, an enemy at 1:30 might be knocked 2 squares South-East, and an enemy at 2:30 might be knocked 3 squares South.)

Ultimate: Spectre

Blast Phase
Costs 60+ energy
Self-targeted, hits 2+2 around you

Dargrym consumes all of his current energy to activate an aura of dread around him, dealing damage to enemies equal to 25% of the energy used to cast this. Next turn during Blast Phase, he will deal that same amount again to enemies around him. While Spectre is active, Dargrym receives 50% bonus healing from his passive.

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