Firepower – 135 HP
“The Frugg”

He’s only fruggly on the outside.

Passive: Wake Shield

Whenever Frugg deals damage, he gains 25% of that amount as shields next turn.

Primary: Rock Skip

Blast Phase – No Cooldown
Gain 8 energy for each enemy hit
3×3 rock hit within 2+1 of you, bounces at same trajectory twice more

Skip a rock towards the target area, dealing 24 damage to enemies hit (ignores cover). The first bounce may go over a wall; after that, hitting a wall will stop the rock. If the rock hits your Splash Zone, it will gain 2 additional bounces. If the rock hits your Wave Wall, it will deflect off, assuming a new trajectory, and gain 1 bounce (the Wave Wall will also create a Splash Cone – see ability description below).

2: Wakey Wakey

Prep Phase – Free Action – CD 2 – has 2 charges
Gain 5 energy on use
Target self or ally; 8+1 range

Target self or ally to grant the target Might this turn. If you targeted yourself, your Wake Shield generates double shields this turn (50% of damage dealt will be converted to shields). If you targeted an ally, any shields you have during decision phase (such as those from a previous Wake Shield) will be transferred to the ally and doubled. (Frugg loses the shields.)

3: Splash Zone

Prep Phase – CD 4
Gain 5 energy for each enemy hit, 3 for each ally
Target radius-1 circle at 6.5 max range

Create a Splash Zone at the target area that lasts 3 turns. As the in-game targeting reticle suggests, the Zone will grow on each of the next 2 turns to hit circles of radius 2 and 3, respectively. On each turn, the effect is the same: deals 10 damage to enemies within the circle (direct on first turn, indirect thereafter) and heals allies in the circle for 10.

4: Wave Wall

Prep Phase – CD 4
Gain 10 energy per enemy hit
5-tile diagonal wall targeted up to 7 away

Creates a 2-turn wall that deals 24 damage to enemies passing through it and Weakening them until end of next turn. If a rock (from primary or ultimate) hits your Wave Wall, it will create a Splash Cone dealing the rock’s damage (24 for primary, 36 for ultimate) in a 4-length (5-length for ultimate) 70-degree cone emanating from the wall. The ultimate’s Splash Cone will also Knockback enemies hit up to 2 squares.

Ultimate: Boulder of Doom

Blast Phase
Costs 100 energy
Targeting similar to primary

Hurls a 3×3 boulder that skips in much the same way as the primary, although it cannot gain bonus jumps. The boulder deals 36 base damage (ignoring cover) and Slows enemies hit. If the boulder hits your Splash Zone, it will cause a giant ripple in the Zone that deals 36 damage to enemies in the Zone and Knocks them back up to 2 squares (enemies won’t be damaged twice). If the boulder hits your Wave Wall, it will create a 5-length Splash Cone dealing 36 damage and Knocking enemies back by 2.

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