Lexus – Empathy

Are you fucking kidding me? The YouTube comments say it all, really: “‘Because everything great is birthed through discomfort… it’s time to get uncomfortable’ he says as he sits in his ultra-comfortable luxury car which he can afford because he makes good money chastising people for their comfort.”

Like, first of all, who is this guy? He’s an athlete and an author and a speaker?

Second, why are they so intent on having him kinda ramble about empathy in some weird internal monologue?

Third, what the fuck? What is this, some kind of social commentary? Like, preaching about loving your fellow man and stuff? This is a luxury car commercial. What do luxury cars have ANYTHING to do with empathy? If anything, they’re like…the opposite of empathy. They’re an insignia of late-stage capitalism, no?

Like…how tone deaf can you BE? Forget thinking this was a good idea for a commercial, how do you not think “wow this commercial is really going to piss off our viewers?”

Or, you know what, maybe not. Maybe their target market is rich people who want to feel good about themselves and will buy into the bullshit they’re selling. And they just don’t care if everyone else who sees it is repulsed.

But that brings me back to point number 2, really. Some guy rambling about empathy is how you’re selling your car?

I can’t imagine the boardroom. Like…”okay great idea Steve, but how does this relate to the car?”
“Glad you asked, Jeff. This car is a product of our incredible engineering. It’s a higher standard than your average car. You might almost say…a human standard. Like our car is so carefully perfected, it transcends the mundane. It represents the ideal that we should all strive to be, much as this random fellow strives to be an empathetic human.”
“Wow, Steve, that’s such an amazing idea I just came three times in my pants. I feel like a superior human already just from watching this inspirational video you’ve put together. Surely our car evokes the same feelings.”

Honestly, why are car commercials so bad? Like, they range from bad to truly awful. They’re never good. What was the last car commercial you saw that was genuinely a good commercial or in any way clever, amusing or effective? The only thing I can think is that the target audience – people who will buy a car based on some fucking commercial – are so brain-dead that the quality of the commercial doesn’t matter to them in the slightest. Which, when you think about it, makes the whole higher-human-standard nonsense even more ridiculous.

And finally, it’s A MINUTE LONG. “Yeah, no, Steve, fuck man, this commercial is so good. I don’t care what our advertising budget is. Buy two 30-second slots. Yeah, no, we gotta buy the full minute for this quality production.”


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