Tiggarius is a competitive gamer who enjoys streaming, creating content and teaching the community.  See below for highlights.

Who am I?

Tiggarius:  I was a Contender player in Atlas Reactor solo / duo queue, the founder of team Zeus Quad (#2 world), frequent streamer, tournament caster, and winner of the Spring 2019 Fourlancer Tournament.

Bengal:  I was a co-creator and designer of Arkana, an awesome MOBA in alpha that is temporarily on hold.

Tiggar / Tiggarius:  I was a multi-gladiator in WoW (Resto Druid main).

Bengal_Tigger:  I was a beta tester for DotA, the author of a famous Pudge guide and numerous videos, and a lead moderator on a prominent DotA forum.

Tiggarius:  I was Lord of White Spire rank in DotA Underlords.  Before they wrecked it with the Big Update.

Tiggarius#1200:  I was a multi-legend player in Hearthstone specializing in creative combo and control decks, who frequently played against some of the top streamers and practiced with several pro players.

Website:  This website hosts my content, which is typically blog posts, articles, videos, and other helpful material regarding Atlas Reactor strategy, DotA Underlords strategy, and strategy for other games or MOBAs — anything I happen to be playing.  I used to stream.  Maybe I will again someday if there’s interest.