Map Concepts


I only have one, so here it is.

Helio Corps HQ

S = lancer starting locations
Black = high wall
X = low wall
Thick Line = low cover
Grey = Camouflage
> Red = Might
> Yellow = Energize
> Blue = Haste
> Green = Health
Pink = possible turn 1 movement locations (shown only for bottom team)

Theme and Notes:
A Helio Corps office area.  Probably not used by Helio himself, as he’s kind of cool and eccentric and probably wouldn’t use a traditional office space, but it’s still got some neat tech gizmos around the walls.
There are two side rooms (where the health powerups are).  Each room has a window (low wall) that can be dashed through or shot through.
Each corner also has a might powerup protected by a 2×2 camouflage patch (but not much in the way of walls or cover) — a dangerous area to venture with little reward, but a decent spot to retreat to if you have teammates able to defend it.
The map is 17×21 — wide but short, with the teams fairly close to each other.
The middle area is very open, with only some low cover chilling in no-man’s land.  Do you open there and go for the might?  Open to the side and play for a health powerup in one of the rooms?  Camp the corner might?  Push into the enemy?  Try to control one of the center camouflages?  Some interesting choices.
I did not include any X-ray because I really loathe the powerup (though I do have an alternate version that includes one).
The Might powerup in the center starts with 3/4 lights, so it spawns on Turn 2.
All other powerups start with 0/4 lights, and spawn on Turn 5.