Atlas Reactor Videos

Video content!  In general, you can check out my YouTube page on the social media tab over on the right, but below please find some videos of quality gameplay footage, organized by freelancer, and a few highlights.  Check out a game of someone you’re trying to learn to see what I did with them.  Most games are taken from my stream footage.  Requests welcome!  If there’s a specific freelancer you’d like to see footage of, please let me know!  And, of course, check out the TABLE OF CONTENTS below.

Table of Contents:
1.  Recent
2.  Recommended
3.  Short Highlights
4.  Bloopers
5.  Game of the Week
6.  Just for Fun
7.  Lancers by Role: Firepower
8.  Lancers by Role:  Frontline
9.  Lancers by Role:  Support
10.  Tigg Goofing Around


Aatrox with the dash of the year
Eels Good Man
Garrison vs. Nix
Lex — Scion of Fire 1
Lex — Scion of Fire 2
Orion ft. DocHardcore
Phaedra Wrecking Crew

Midnight Fourlancer Tournament
Blackburn Prediction Saves The Game
Eels Good Man
Famous Nix Hunter, Chapter 1

God Tier Grey
Helio Dismantles Everyone
Lockwood — EZ Predict 2018
Nix the Stealthmaster
Oz — God Tier Oz


Eels Good Man
Helio Finn Wombo Combo
Hevol Gets Shelled
Hossy Gets Erased
Is It Garrison’s Birthday Already?
It’s fine, I killed Finn so we won
Juno double kill ft. Maniacal Laughter
Kaigin Ult — 3-man mighted on an invis target + life-saving bodyblock
Magnus Wombo Combo
NerdsOfTech with the Rampart Plays
Randomly Won the Game

Rask — “I don’t like this dash”  “JK”
Su-Ren Bursts a Hapless Helio
Su-Ren Saves The Game
Tigg the freaking legend, kappa


Blackburn with the most BM catalyst of all time
What is She Doing?!
Rask:  Damage Not Included
The Worst Regroup Ever?
Clown Fiesta ft. Dr. Finn
Clown Fiesta on Hyperforge!
Aatrox with the dash of the year


11-20-17 — Four Frontlines?
11-27-17 — just some oz stuff
12-4-17 — Garrison’s Birthday Party
12-11-17 — None, too busy practicing for PPL Finals
12-18-17 — Bloodbath ft. Orion
12-25-17 — Insane Ninja Shenanigans
1-2-18 — Helio Dismantles Everyone
1-20-18 — Celeste Magic
4-30-18 — FourLancer vs. donJay


High Velocity Peanut Butter Cup
I See You Drivin’ Downtown with that Phaedra Dash, and I’m like…
In the Pants
Taco Socks



Blackburn Saves The Day

Celeste Excellence 1 (audio cuts out for a few minutes towards the end)
Celeste Magic

Gremo — Gremolitions Unincorporated 1
Gremo — Gremolitions Unincorporated 2
Gremo — Gremolitions Unincorporated 3

Grey — Hard Carry

Juno — Carried By Juno

Kaigin — Dash Brothers
Kaigin — Storm of Blades 1
Kaigin — Insane Ninja Shenanigans
Kaigin — PPL Kaigin
Kaigin — Storm of Blades 2

Lex — Scion of Fire 1
Lex — Scion of Fire 2

Nev:3 — 873 damage
Nev:3 — Epic 700+ PvP Match

Nix the Stealthmaster
Nix — Good Nixing

Oz — God Tier Oz
Oz — Wizard of Oz, Chapter 1
Oz — Wizard of Oz, Chapter 2
Oz — Wizard of Oz, Chapter 3

Tol-Ren Told Ya 1

Vonn 1
Vonn 2 — Vonntastic


Asana Carries


Garrison’s Birthday Party
Garrison vs. Nix ft. Hevol

Phaedra vs. Four Melee
Phaedra Wrecking Crew

Rask Doing Rask Things

Titus Rampage


Aurora — In the Lab
Aurora — Ion Cloud Predicts
Aurora — On Flyway

Dr. Finn Waterfall 1

Helio Dismantles Everyone
Helio on Hyperforge

Khita going Krazy 1
Khita going Krazy 2

Orion’s Belt 1
Orion’s Belt 2
Orion ft. DocHardcore

Su-Ren — Karmic Justice 1 (EvoS)
Su-Ren — Textbook Flyway
Su-Ren — Textbook Omni
Su-Ren — Textbook Hyperforge

10.  Tigg Goofing Around

Fun with LW
Tol-Ren Max Ult Damage