Atlas Reactor

Guides and Strategy

Lancer Concept #14 — Ya-Ren

Ya-Ren, the Silent Strike Affiliation:  Omni Role:  Firepower Hit Points:  130 Super Short Summary:  A melee firepower with conditional stealth and tactical play. Strengths: Mobility, stealth, some crowd control, decent damage on primary. Weaknesses: Low range, low hp and not much defense, somewhat difficult to gain energy, no true dash besides ult. Lore: Another Ren!  …

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TL;DR Lore

TL;DR Atlas Reactor Lore.  Warning: Spoilers. Backstory Reactors Built In the year 2200, Cronus, the first of 13 reactors (including Hyperion, Oceanus and Atlas), was built, and the Global Artificial Intelligence Agent (“GAIA”) was created to monitor it. The 13th, Atlas, was completed in the year 2250.  GAIA was given complete control over the reactors. …

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