About Farseer

Farseer’s Domain is a simultaneous-turn arena game now in CLOSED BETA.

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Set as a 4v4 on a tile grid of approximately 20 by 20 with power-ups, brushes, walls and cover, it resembles a mix of paintball, chess and poker.

Paintball: arena with walls, cover, places to hide, etc.
Chess: strategic game on a grid-like board
Poker: bluffing and predicting what the enemy will do, as all actions are entered during an inital “Decision” phase, and resolve simultaneously before players know what their opponents chose to do.

You control between 1 and 4 of the characters, depending on game mode. If you’re the sort of person that likes 1v1 battles, you’d want to control all 4. If you prefer more conventional MOBAs, you might like the 4v4 where you only need to control 1 character.

Please see the below links for a Basic Introduction, a Dictionary (from Atlas Reactor), and a list of the Farseers and what they do.

Introduction – especially if you’ve never played this sort of game.
What’s that term mean?  A dictionary I wrote a while back for Atlas Reactor, a predecessor game in this genre (RIP).  We use a lot of the same terms in Farseer, so it might be helpful.
The Farseers!