The Farseers

Organized by role. Each role is subdivided by sub-role and/or simplicity.  In general, you should expect to see simpler characters towards the top of each section.

Important: Range conventions. There are generally two ways to describe range, either as absolute distance written as a decimal, or based on the grid location relative to the caster, written as A+B. For example, 3 over and 1 up is a grid range of 3+1, whereas an ability that hits 3+1 might have an actual (absolute) range of 3.5. Having range 3.5 doesn’t mean the ability hits 3+5 (duh).

In the write-ups linked below, ability ranges are written as decimals (e.g., 7.3) for precision. In general, you can use the Pythagorean theorem (a^2 + b^2 = c^2) to determine whether a certain grid location will be hit. For example, does absolute range 7.3 hit the square at grid range 6+4? 6 squared = 36. 4 squared = 16. Sum is 52. Square root of 52 is about 7.211. So yes, 7.3 should hit 6+4.

The categories (click to jump to one) are:

1. Tanks / Generalists
2. Knockbacks
3. Damage
4. Utility

1. Classic (~7 range primary)
2. Long-Range (8+)
3. Mid-Range (~6)
4. Short-Range (~3)
5. Hunters (single-target focus)
6. Combo

1. Classic
2. Long-Range
3. High-Offense
4. Utility


Tanks / Generalists:
KrakkThe EnforcerEASY
Simple but effective.  Has short cooldowns, good defense, and some CC.  Thrives in the fray when his ult is up.
ImuchinThe GladiatorEASY
Duelist with a balanced kit, and a strong passive if he’s adjacent to enemies.
JulietteThe MonkMEDIUM
Flexible character with a balanced kit that can reward smart and creative play.

ChaddingtonThe BearEASY
Aggressive frontline with crowd control and good damage, but limited defensiveness and must choose his dashes carefully.
Dargrym The Centaurpagus – MEDIUM
Strong close-combat fighter that relies on good positioning to maximize his damage.
BarbThe BarbarianMEDIUM
No dash, but big hp, good damage, good CC, and a very satisfying ult.
DelphiniaThe Avenger – MEDIUM
Tanky fighter that is a bit light on damage but has strong CC and a dash that rewards bodyblocking.

VexThe PredatorHARD
Good damage. Hits through walls. Steals enemy healing. Reflects damage. Webs enemies. What more do you want? Well – she doesn’t have great self-defense, so be careful.

AbraxasThe MagicianMEDIUM
Specializes in vision and mobility. Has a little self-healing and can shield allies, but not super tanky for a frontline. Survives by being evasive.


Classic (~7 range):
LilvanaThe AnarchistEASY
Simple firepower emphasizing fundamentals.  Great for beginners and experienced players alike.
ScrapperThe DemolitionistEASY
Heavy area-of-effect damage and some self-healing.
TiemnataThe ShadowlordEASY
Simple abilities with quite a bit of depth. Has some smoke-making and hits around walls extremely well.
FloraThe Flowerpower – MEDIUM
Specializes in camouflage and buff-stealing.  She can even pass powerups to her allies.
Omikron The Laser BotMEDIUM
Prediction-based firepower that has lots of next-turn effects.  Can hit multiple times in the same turn for big burst.

Long-Range (8+):
Regulator The SniperEASY
Sniper that relies on his range and smoke to remain unseen.
Yuri The Blind ArcherHARD
Long-range archer that can shoot over walls and cover. Blind! (Can’t see except what teammates see!) Has a special passive that lets him “hear” enemies instead.

Mid-Range (~6):
Violetta The Shotgun – EASY
Great damage and can power up during “off” turns. Her ult is one of the strongest traps in the game.
Tasha The Eye of the StormMEDIUM
Mixed-range firepower with combo potential.  Her ult lets her dash a variable distance based on the energy she pays for it.
RahayuThe Flames of JusticeMEDIUM
High-damage firepower that stacks up Plasma on enemies to burst them down.
Aris The Elemental ArchmageMEDIUM
Unusual firepower that uses the 4 elements instead of normal cooldowns. Requires some thought to manage her abilities, but has a unique feel and some solid damage. (Careful – no dash!)
Sephelene The Succubus – HARD
Likes to weaken and disrupt her enemies. Rewards cunning and prediction. Her ultimate allows her to steal an enemy ultimate.

XioThe SupervillainHARD
Burst assassin.  Requires some careful setup, but powerful ult makes all his abilities free actions.
Haka – The Shadow BeastHARD
Relies on his smoke to remain unseen. Has quite a lot of smoke.

Hunters (single-target specialists):
IzzineThe AssassinMEDIUM
Assassin that relies on stealth and poison to subdue her foes and prevent them from healing.

Combo (abilities heavily interact with each other but can set up insane plays):
Aftan The SpearfisherMEDIUM
Throws spears that stay on their tile. When he has 3+, he recalls them, dealing extra damage. Abilities combo well with the spears.
Stalwart dashless firepower that throws rocks that bounce to hit additional tiles. Has a tidal pool and a wave wall that interact with his rocks. Also has some ability to support allies with shields.
Galactos – The Galaxy BrainHARD
Highly complex firepower that must mark tiles in advance to unlock future powerful effects.


Mtuku The PaladinEASY
Tanky paladin support with very high burst healing and a solid all-around kit.
ZaejThe BiochemistEASY
Classic/pure support, with a focus on consistent healing and energy gain.
Agnar The Firelord – HARD
Gains energy by taking damage, and abilities gain power when at high energy. Can also absorb damage that would be dealt to his teammates. But if he goes over 100 energy, he’ll take significant damage, so must carefully balance his energy gains and expenditures.

Wenifrey – The PrismaticEASY
Solid all-around support with a signature ability that grants lots of shielding.  Also has some ability to get vision for their team.  Other abilities may require good positioning from allies.
MEBSThe Mechanized Energy Beam SupportMEDIUM
Through-walls support with good long-range capabilities. Good at running away and playing safe.
ChloeThe Rising StarMEDIUM
Able to act at a distance through her drone, Vega, as well as bolster her damage and support capabilities. Requires good positioning of Vega.

EzmiThe Field MedicMEDIUM
Hybrid with an excellent primary that she relies on for most of her damage. Has great damage and healing, but utility and emergency options for allies are limited.
NephrysThe Doom SeerHARD
Significant boost to damage/healing on any turn where he took damage the previous turn. Several abilities have effects on future turns. Must balance aggression and survival.

OzyvaniaThe Ice Queen – MEDIUM
Support with good healing and shielding, as well as crowd control (root) for enemies and cooldown reduction for allies. The catch? She herself can’t be healed, so tread carefully.
LeonhardtThe DJHARD
Enhancement support. Has medium amounts of shielding and fairly low healing. His main draw is the powerful amplified buffs he gives to his allies.
NadiaThe SenseiHARD
Short range, high utility. Has AoE healing, a trap that offers cover, cleansing buffs from allies and enemies, and denying enemies healing and shielding with her ultimate.