The Farseers

Please see a full list of Farseers below, organized BY ROLE, for information regarding each.  (The list below covers only Farseers that are in the game at present.)
Each role is subdivided by sub-role and/or simplicity.  In general, you should expect to see simpler ones towards the top.

BarbThe Barbarian – Frontline/Firepower hybrid.  Very simple character.  No dash but big hp and big damage – though needs to position well to be in range of his enemies.
KrakkThe Enforcer – Simple but effective.  Has short cooldowns, good defense, and some CC.  Thrives in the fray when his ult is up.
ChaddingtonThe Bear – Aggressive frontline with crowd control and good damage, but limited defensiveness and must choose his dashes carefully.
ImuchinThe Gladiator – Duelist with a balanced kit, and a strong passive if he’s adjacent to enemies.
Quorlon – Nature’s Wrath – Incredibly tanky, able to generate tons of shields to protect himself, but has less mobility than most frontlines.  Has some support capabilities as well.  His first two abilities place and consume Seeds for bonus effects.
DelphiniaThe Avenger – Tanky fighter that is a bit light on damage but has strong CC and a dash that rewards bodyblocking.
JulietteThe Monk – Flexible character with a balanced kit that can reward smart and creative play.
AbraxasThe Magician – Frontline who specializes in vision and mobility over general tankiness.  Low CC, but offers good vision, and is evasive and hard to kill.
VexThe Predator – Good damage and utility, with some ability to benefit from enemy healing.  Non-traditional defensive options may require some ability to predict enemies.

LilvanaThe Anarchist – Simple firepower emphasizing fundamentals.  Great for beginners and experienced players alike.
ScrapperThe Demolitionist – Classic firepower with heavy area-of-effect damage and some self-sustain.
RahayuThe Flames of Justice – High-damage firepower that stacks up Plasma on enemies to burst them down.
FloraThe Druid – Firepower specializing in camouflage and buff-stealing.  She can even pass powerups to her allies.

UrsulaThe Desert Guardian – Tanky firepower with shields in lieu of a dash.  Has some traps, CC and high damage if enemies are forced to come to her.

RegulatorThe Sniper – Sniper that relies on his range and smoke to remain unseen.
YuriThe Archer – Long-range archer that can shoot over walls and cover.  Has great range and consistent damage, but limited defensive options if the enemy is able to get close.

TashaThe Eye of the Storm – Mixed-range firepower with combo potential.  Her ult lets her dash a variable distance based on the energy she pays for it.
OmikronThe Laser Bot – Prediction-based firepower that has lots of next-turn effects.  Can hit multiple times in the same turn for big burst.
Galactos – The Galaxy Brain – Highly complex firepower that must mark tiles in advance to unlock future powerful effects.

XioThe Supervillain – Burst assassin.  Has limited ranged options and requires careful setup, but his powerful ult allows him to dish out all of his abilities at once for devastating damage.
IzzineThe Assassin – Assassin that relies on stealth and poison to subdue her foes and prevent them from healing.
Haka – The Shadow Beast – Relies on his smoke to remain unseen and strike down his foes.

PendaraThe Huntress – Firepower/support hybrid with a little healing and shielding.  Also a huntress that can go on a hot streak if she gets a kill.
ArisThe Elementalist – Unusual firepower that uses the 4 elements instead of normal cooldowns.  Has a mix of offense and support.  Requires some thought to manage her abilities, but has a unique feel.

MtukuThe Paladin – Tanky paladin support with very high burst healing and a solid all-around kit.
ZaejThe Chemistress – Classic/pure support, with a focus on consistent healing and energy gains.
Wenifrey – The Prismatic – Solid all-around support with a signature ability that grants lots of shielding.  Also has some ability to get vision for their team.  Other abilities may require good positioning from allies.
MEBSThe Mechanized Energy Beam Support – Through-walls support with good long-range capabilities.

EzmiThe Field Medic – Support/Firepower hybrid that heals in large part by dealing damage.  Has a very good primary that allows her to get aggressive shots, but limited defense if focused and limited sustain between engagements.
NephrysThe Doom Seer – Support with some crowd control and a big boost to damage and healing if he is injured.  Has relatively low base damage and healing to compensate.  Has several abilities with effects on future turns.

Ally Enhancement:
LeonhardtThe DJ – Enhancement support.  Fairly low shielding and very low healing, but gives powerful amplified buffs to his allies.

ChloeThe Rising Star – Abilities revolve around a drone, Vega, that allows her to do things at long distance.  Proper positioning of Vega is crucial.



(And here is a list of them all alphabetically.)

Abraxas (Frontline)
Aris – (Firepower   ///Support)
Barb – (Frontline   ///Firepower)
Chloe – (Support)
Delphinia – (Frontline)
Ezmi – (Support     ///Firepower)
Flora – (Firepower)
Flufflesocket – (Frontline     ///Firepower   ///we miss you)
Galactos – (Firepower)
Haka – (Firepower)
Imuchin – (Frontline)
Izzine – (Firepower)
Juliette – (Frontline)
Krakk – (Frontline)
Leonhardt – (Support)
Lilvana – (Firepower)
MEBS – (Support)
Mtuku – (Support)
Nephrys – (Support)
Omikron – (Firepower)
Pendara – (Firepower    ///Support)
Quorlon – (Frontline      ///Support)
Rahayu – (Firepower)
Regulator – (Firepower)
Scrapper – (Firepower)
Tasha – (Firepower)
Ursula – (Firepower)
Vex – (Frontline)
Wenifrey – (Support)
Xio – (Firepower      ///Frontline)
Yuri – (Firepower)
Zaej – (Support)

(And here is a list in order of release by most recent, with their release dates.)

6th edition
Izzine – Released June 29, 2020 (patch 0.2076)

5th edition
Haka – Released June 20, 2020 (patch 0.2070)
MEBS – Released June 20, 2020 (patch 0.2070)
Delphinia – Released June 5, 2020 (patch 0.2050)
Nephrys – Released June 5, 2020 (patch 0.2050) (note – this was the first patch after 0.2040b.  Weekly patch increments by 10 now.)
Galactos Released May 28, 2020 (patch 0.2039)
Lilvana Released May 28, 2020 (patch 0.2039)

4th edition
Wenifrey – Released May 23, 2020 (patch 0.2036)
Quorlon – Released May 21, 2020 (patch 0.2035)
Rahayu – Released May 18, 2020 (patch 0.2033)
Vex – Released May 16, 2020 (patch 0.2031)
Aris – Released May 15, 2020 (patch 0.2030)
Yuri – Released May 10, 2020 (patch 0.2026)

3rd edition
Juliette – Released May 1, 2020 (patch 0.2023)
OmikronReleased April 27, 2020 (patch 0.2021)
Ursula Released April 24, 2020 (patch 0.2020)
Pendara – Released April 16, 2020 (patch 0.2017)
Xio – Released April 12, 2020 (patch 0.2013)
Mtuku – Released April 11, 2020 (patch 0.2011)

2nd edition
Leonhardt – Released April 5, 2020 (patch 0.2009)
Tasha – Released April 3, 2020 (patch 0.2007)
Krakk – Released March 25, 2020 (patch 0.2005)
Zaej – Released March 17, 2020 (patch 0.2002)
Ezmi – Released March 13, 2020 (patch 0.2001)
Flora – Released March 13, 2020 (patch 0.2001)

1st edition
Abraxas – Released February 2020 (Reworked April 24, 2020) (Reworked again June 12, 2020, Patch 0.2059)
Regulator – Released February 2020 (Reworked April 27, 2020)
Barb – Released February 2020 (Reworked April 10, 2020)
Chloe – Released February 2020 (Reworked April 16, 2020)
Scrapper – Released February 2020 (Reworked March 25, 2020)
Imuchin – Released February 2020 (Reworked March 24, 2020)